Fill in all the gaps with SOME of these words. Click on "Check" when you have completed all the sentences.

facilities, services, carriage, package holidays, coach, heritage, sights, self-catering, fare, hostels, booking, backpacking, tax, sites, dormitory, en-suite

1. We should preserve our historic towns because they´re part of our .

2. Travelling by is always cheaper than doing it by train but it´s less comfortable.

3. At the tourist information office they can give you brochures on the city .

4. We´d made a reservation for a double room but the recepcionist didn´t have any record of the .

5. The worst thing about is that they don´t usually have rooms.

6. I think are a good idea if you don´t have much time to plan your holiday.

7. The taxi from the airport to the city centre was a rip-off!

8. Country houses are an example of accommodation.

9. I wasn´t impressed with the in the apartment hotel: the spa was filthy and the restaurant was closed most of the time.