Gap-fill exercise

Complete the text using the verb in brackets in Present Perfect (i.e. "have bought") or Past Simple (ie. "bought"). Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
My grandmother is 80 and she (be) a traveller all her life. She (travel) a lot, especially in Europe and Africa. She (see) beautiful castles in Germany and France. She (visit) very interesting museums, such as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo or the Louvre in Paris. But she says that the most beautiful place she (be) to is the Sahara desert.
My grandmother (meet) her husband on one of her trips. He (be) American and (work) as an interpreter in Rome. They (get) married after only two months. Then, they (move) to Scotland, where they (live) for over 30 years. They are still very happy there.